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Dr Ivan Molloy I am an academic, political scientist, freelance journalist and photographer, writer of fiction, non-fiction and an artist. Over the years, I have been very active politically achieving significant national and international notoriety with my research, political campaigns; and my speaking out on many issues such as Terrorism, US Foreign Policy, Human Rights, the Environment, Australian Nationalism and Politics in general. Within this site you can read all about me, how to contact me and more. I was born in Sandringham, Victoria, Australia, the youngest of four children to parents Mat and Beryl. Mat was a champion boxer, a digger and a dedicated unionist. Beryl was a devoted mum and political intellectual and very active in left-wing politics during the 1940s through to the 1960s. All we Molloys were passionate opponents of the Vietnam War. I went to secondary school at Sandringham Technical College, later studied Civil Engineering at Caulfield Institute of Technology, then Geology at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and then having itchy feet 'hit the road'. I travelled extensively nationally and internationally. After travelling throughout the world by all forms of transport, I returned to study Politics and History at various universities. I acquired a BA-Hons in Politics, followed by a Master of Arts (MA) and then a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science, specializing in Third World Politics, Revolution and US Foreign Policy. I then went on to work as an academic and writer of Political Science, spending much time undertaking field research in many revolutionary 'hot spots' throughout the world. Over time my main areas of expertise became Terrorism, Pacific Politics, International Relations and US Foreign Policy, and then finally the Politics of Western Popular Music. I worked at many universities around Australia and overseas, and most particularly in multi-media education involving developing CD Roms, videos and documentaries. For many years I conducted research in revolutionary environments and war zones in numerous parts of the world including Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba, China, Vietnam, the Philippines and elsewhere, developing expertise in guerrilla and terrorist strategies. In 1996, I moved from the University of Sydney, where I was Program Director of the Master of International Studies, to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and taught at the newly-built University of the Sunshine Coast. In 2002, my widely acclaimed book - 'Rolling Back Revolution: The Emergence of Low Intensity Conflict' based on my many years of field research was published internationally. During that time and after I was very active in local, national and international politics. In 2004, I achieved a great deal of notoriety nationally and internationally when I stood as a Labor candidate in the Australian Federal Election of that year. However a photo from my earlier field research into Muslim separatism in the Southern Philippines was used by my political opponents to falsely label me a 'terrorist sympathizer'. As a result I was unjustly victimized and criticized by both my opponents and even some in my own party. While still politically active, I now consider myself politically 'independent' and I am widely critical of all major Australian political parties. Nowadays, I regard them all as having lost their way ideologically; placing individual self-interest first, rather than the public good and Australia's true national interests. I am now a full time author of political critiques, commentaries, and commercial fiction with a political 'bent'. I also pursue other projects. You can follow me on Google Blogger, on Twitter and on Facebook. I also have another website devoted entirely to my writing.

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